Concrete Foundations: Maximising the reliability of Industrial Machinery

Reinforced concrete for engineering and manufacturing industries.

Reinforced concrete machine

Lavish Construction has specialised in reinforced concreting for over 10 years.  We deliver many specialist projects for engineering, manufacturing and R&D companies.

Importance of Machine Foundations

Proper machine installation is crucial to mitigate any production downtime.  Each machine needs to sit on an independent reinforced concrete base also known as a concrete pad which has sufficient mass and stiffness to support the machine load and consistent vibrations. 

An accurate machine base will allow the machine to perform with accuracy and reduce vibrations levels.  The energy that is generated by the machine needs to be absorbed by the concrete foundation.  This is why concrete pads are independent from the surrounding floor area and has expansion joints around the parameter of the pad.  This prevents the vibrations transmitting to other machines.

The construction on the concrete machine base requires technical accuracy.

Periodic Machine Base Inspections

It’s always good practice to carry out periodic checks to mitigate problems and loss of production time.  In time foundations settle, alignment changes and bolts become lose or start to corrode.

Machine Installation Requirements

If you have machine base or specialist concrete foundation requirement contact [email protected] or call 0844 586 7000 to book a consultation.

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