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Reinforced CNC Machine & Crane base

An engineering client based in Birmingham required to extract two pits in their existing factory floor to accommodate a CNC Machine and factory Crane.

For the machines to perform successfully, the foundation on which it rests has to be exactly right.

Without the appropriate foundation, the machine will not perform correctly as engineering machines measure in microns.

The concrete base needs to be correctly worked out. A complete foundation package typically includes electrical layout, trenches, pits and safety railings.

The construction requirements need to consider the impact on existing structures as well as the machine that will operate on the base. The whole process requires technical accuracy.

For this particular client the following works were carried out;

Stage one:

  • The existing concrete floor was cut using a floor saw to mark out the base size and to allow breaking out of existing concrete. The brokered concrete and soil was extracted.
  • The sub base was then prepared with hardcore materials to the main area and crane base
  • A 1200 gauge polythene damp membrane was installed
  • Reinforce wire mesh was installed to improve the bond of the concrete, minimise cracks and reinforce the whole foundation.

Stage two:

  • Shuttering was prepared for the concrete
  • The concrete was poored (to max depth of 450mm) using C35 mix, then power floated to leave smooth surface level with original floor
  • A ducting channel was installed to clients specification

Machine Base Services

We have specialised in reinforced concreting for over 10 years. We deliver many specialist projects for engineering and manufacturing facilities to R&D laboratories.

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