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Create vibrant work environments to increase employee happiness 😀

Employee benefits are not all about wage packages and pensions. Creating a vibrant and enjoyable workspace can boost work morale and help attract and retain workforce.

More and more employees find themselves working longer hours and cutting their lunch break. This has created more awareness around employee Wellbeing. Emphasis is around healthy and happy employees to ensure morale and productivity is high and stress levels are low.  Programs can focus on being active, healthy eating incentives, employee working flexibility, transport schemes, chill out break zones etc.

Working spaces alone can help bring creativity, encourage collaboration between teams and individuals and overall make people feel happy within their surroundings. We believe people who feel happy work better.

Think about your work space, is it in need of a face-lift, an injection of vibrant colour and light? The work environment should be a reflection of the brands corporate morals.

Tips for creating a new vibrant and dynamic space that employees will love

  • Create various ‘zones’ for socialisation, creativity and collaboration
  • Think about the corporate brand, chose colours and inspirational quotes that reflect the brands values and personality
  • Invest in different colour furnishings that are uplifting
  • For physical wellbeing create varied work stations that allow for sitting and standing
  • Create a sofa zone for team meetings and creative thinking

Your work environment is an extension to the businesses personality, culture and supports attracting the right talent and retaining them.

Want to find out how to design and create a happier work environment? Get in touch with Lavish Group We love optimising and creating spaces for work environments to make people feel happy!

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