Project Description

Client: Allegheny Technologies Ltd Location: Birmingham Surface Area: 10km

The Challenges

Allegheny’s consistent growth meant that expansion was required. A Mazak CNC machine was purchased and tenders issued for the installation of a suitable concrete base to support it. A reinforced concrete base was vital to the machine’s ability to accurately precision cut the tens of thousandths of mm accuracy required by Allegheny.

The contract also included the installation of a independent crane base that would sit at the end of the machine base.  This required a concrete pit and installation of a budgie cage made from 20 mm reinforced steel to ensure the crane was capable of lifting metal on and off the machines bed.

Installation Process

Once all the structural calculations were completed we got to work sectioning off the floor area with fencing and polythene sheeting to ensure the rest of the factory was operational.  The original flooring was marked out, excavated and removed.

The bases where prepared with hardcore materials and a polythene damp membrane was installed.   To reinforce the base rebar was laid.  The rebar allows the weight of the machine to be distributed proportionally.  Then the high strength concrete is poured and floated to create a linar finish.  Expansion joints were installed to allow the concrete base to safely absorb the thermal expansion without distortion.

We worked efficiently and where required out of hours to minimise production downtime.

Machine Base Flooring

It is vital to have reinforcement concrete floors for heavy machines as the vibrations alone from the machinery causes concrete cracks and align issues this will damage a standard industrial floor.

Reinforced concrete flooring provides a solid independent base for operating engineering and manufacturing machinery.  The machine vibrations can be absorbed into the reinforced concrete base to ensure machine accuracy is kept and the vibrations are not transferred to other surrounding floor areas.

Benefits of Concrete Foundations

  • Reduce machine vibrations
  • Ensures the machine load is distributed evenly
  • Provides a linear base for machine accuracy
  • Protects the surrounding floor

If you have flooring that has weakened over time or are planning to purchase new machinery contact Lavish Construction for advice on machine base installation.  Contact Us to book a consultation