Project Description

Client: ArcelorMittal Distribution Solutions Ltd Location: Wolverhampton Surface Area: 3km

The Challenges

Arcelor’s expansion meant that there was increased fork lift and HGV’s vehicles using the rear access road, causing it to become damaged after years of weathering, making it unsafe to use.  Rain water was often sitting on the surface due to road having no drainage system.  Sitting water can start to wash away the roadways sub base layer and frequent use with heavy vehicles damages it further.  For logistics and distribution centres the yards and roadways are a major part of business operations.  Keeping them maintained is a priority.
The Requirements
Lavish were contracted to stabilise the existing surface, install french drains to drain water surface away and re surface it using reinforced concrete with a specially designed concrete mix to cater for the weight of all the HGV’s and fork lift use.  We provided a cost effective solution and ensured rain water would be drained away effectively to prolong the lifetime of the roadway.
Roadway Resurfacing & Repairs
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