Tony Fenn, Construction Director

KDC have worked with Lavish since 2004, initially employing Lavish as a sub-contractor and more recently carrying out various large projects as a joint venture.

In 2004 KDC held a framework contract with Tarmac National Contracting and carried out all civils works on Midlands motorway and trunk road maintenance schemes. The civils element of these schemes ranged from £30,000 to £1,500,000 and involved a range of skills. KDC employed Lavish to carry out various aspects of these works including drainage, ducting and concrete works. Lavish worked in partnership with KDC site staff and had an excellent record of delivering works to the required programme and quality together with an unblemished safety record. Many of these schemes were carried out at night and some schemes were delivered on a lane rental basis (the contractor entering into a penalty/bonus arrangement with the client to minimise disruption to the road user). It is inevitable that there will be design changes on projects of this nature and it is to their credit that Lavish always reacted promptly to these changes and called on various resources at short notice to avoid costly delays.

Since 2004 the relationship between KDC and Lavish has strengthened and the companies have worked together to deliver major schemes for a number of blue chip contractors including Tarmac, Aggregate industries, Costain and Galliford Try, often in sensitive environments such as Airports, Motorways and National Grid gas installations.

In 2016 the companies joined forces to deliver an enabling works package for a new operating theatre at Birmingham Dental Hospital. The 12 week project involved a combination of building and civil engineering skills and was completed whilst affording full undisrupted access to a live hospital. Numerous additional and varied items of work were absorbed into the original programme such that the operating theatre was able to open on time.

In 2017 the same team were employed by Tarmac on a highly sensitive project at Horiba Mira(formerly the motor industry research association). This scheme involved amendments to roads within the research centre and demanded careful programming and execution to avoid disruption to the day to day business of the client. Elements of the work were carried out out of hours and high tech innovative materials were used to allow vehicle access to new areas of work within hours of completion.

KDC and Lavish have a long history of working together to deliver often complex and involved projects to a number of clients. The combination of skills and wide range of experience offered means the clients requirements are always given top priority and projects can be completed with minimum disruption to the clients business.